Saturday, April 24, 2010


Simplicity 2560...what can I say. It was quick, it was easy and I'll probably make it again at some point.

I made view A, but used the cutting line of view D for the sleeves. The fabric I used was picked up from the local Goodwill, I believe I got at least 3 yards of it for 99 cents on two color Tuesday. It is a very light weight knit jersey with clear sequins(not a whole bunch but enough). To be honest I didn't notice the sequins until I got the fabric home and I was a tad put off on the fabric when I discovered them. I figured I'd use it to test out the pattern, but after trying it on I am in love with it.

{Simplicity 2560}
The sequins are more subtle than I originally thought and as long as I pair it with more neutral pieces I think I can get a lot of daytime wear out of it.
Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the remaining yardage.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh how I love thee Christmas Tree Shop

I arrived at my place place of employment early yesterday, so I decided to walk around the nearby Christmas Tree Shop store to kill some time. I picked up some awesome nail polish and strolled around the book section. Imagine my surprise when I spotted this book on the shelf with the price tag of $3.99.


A few months back I looked it over in Barnes & Nobles and put it back. There are some nice pieces in it and the software that comes with it allows you to input your own measurements for a customized pattern, but I could not justify buying it at the time. Into the basket it went, it was then joined by this book with the price tag of $1.99


I consider the BBC version of What Not to Wear to be vastly superior to the American version of the show. It really all boils down to the hosts, I find Trinny and Susannah to be more likable than Clinton and Stacey, simple as that. The fashions book may be slightly dated(especially the trendy pieces) but still gives some solid advice on dressing well. Gotta love unexpected bargains.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Once upon a time

We all know this story, once upon a time I wrote a post promising pictures of some recently finished projects. Then life got busy the way life typically does, I was forced to choose between sewing and posting. I chose to sew. Now things have slowed down a bit, so I figure I can start working on posting some of my completed projects.

 I used Simplicity 2594 view A, but opted not to make the tie due to the busy print of the purple paisley fabric that I chose. Instead I figured I can use my one and only wide belt to cinch in the waist.


{Belted Front}

{Belted Back View}

The pattern came together quickly, instructions were easy to follow. I cut a size 10 for the top and graded out to a 12 from the waist down.

One shirt down, four more to go. I hope to post those all by the end of April, but I think we know how that goes. For now I'll leave you with a picture of Gatsby, the laziest bunny in the Capitol District.