Monday, March 31, 2008

trip to the salvy-a very delayed part 2

I never did get around to posting the next day, but I was able to accomplish some things and start some new projects as well.
Here's a quick look at the wrap pants I made using some very soft fabric my boyfriend's mom gave me. Not to many pictures for this one due to crappy lighting, I was also going to post the tutorial link, however it seems to have disappeared.

Next up is a recon from one of the goodies I got from the salvation army. It was a scrub top with a zany ambulance print and it cost me 2 dollars.
Originally it was just going to have the blue band of fabric going across, but when I tried the shirt on it was kind of snug around the hips and the way the fabric puffed out I looked like I belonged at a maternity ward. So I lovely hacked off the ambulance print and attached the bottom part of a dress from forever 21 that I bought to wear to a wedding but never actually wore.

I'm thinking I may add two front pockets with the ambulance fabric, but thats for another day. For now I'm quite happy with it. Thats all for now, its time to clean up.

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