Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fit to be Dyed Part II

So here they are, dyed and everything. Unfortunately I didn't take any dye process pictures, but you didn't miss much, just some navy blue RIT dye.

Here a quick picture of the back. About 20 minutes into dying the jeans I looked over at my sewing station and saw the back pockets chilling with my pin cushion, I quickly tossed them in hoping that they would be able to soak up some color. They did, but not as much as the actual pants did.

Despite the mismatched/wonky back pockets I'm pretty happy with the jeans. I'm hoping that once they go through the wash some of the residual dye will come out and the pockets won't look so bad (to me).

Its nice to know that I can overcome whatever issues the fashion industry has with my body by taking matters into my own hands.

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becks said...

these turned out great! thanks for the tutorial, i have tons of too- big post pregnancy jeans that i'm looking forward to refashioning!