Thursday, July 16, 2009


Like the title says, I'm back from my weekend with the parents. It was a good visit, a bit short, but good.
I got to go to Corn hill opening day, we got there nice and early to avoid the crowd and potential thunderstorms.

The vendors, as always, were great, I wish I had more money and more room in my suitcase. Sadly due to the chance of thunderstorms I decided to focus on perusing the booths, rather than taking pictures. I also felt kind of weird taking pictures of booths especially if I did n0t purchase anything from the vendor. So instead I'll be sharing some pictures of the general neighborhood.

We arrived at about 9 am walked around, made our purchases, then headed to the absolute best food vendor who's name escapes me. It's a tradition, we have to eat there, we have to enjoy our "artichokes french". Artichokes dredged in flour, sauteed in butter with lemon juice and garlic, topped with Parmesan cheese and bread (for soaking up the butter). It's a good thing they only come around once a year, or else I would have had a heart attack by now.

I wish it had been a better day, we could have spent more time walking around, maybe next year. At least we left before the torrential downpour, I can't imagine how the vendors coped with it. The next day was gorgeous, of course, but I had a train to catch. I'm hoping to find something similar in my area this summer, anyone know of such things in the Albany area?

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