Monday, September 22, 2008

Project Manchild part 1

Next weekend I'll be heading down to the city with the BF to see a friend of ours for his b-day. Our friend has recently started out his own business- Manchild Skateboards, and we figured he would appreciate some D.I.Y. shirts. As such it seemed only right to use this as an excuse to try out the mod podge/embroidery hoop method of "screen printing. I took his logo from the website, loaded it up and made a simple black and white image of the text and the face thing, then printed it out. Not really thinking at the moment I started to trace the text onto the screen (neon green fine mesh nylon given to me by the bf, formerly a green screen). Once I finished tracing "manchild" I realized skateboards was too long to fit horizontally. I thought I was pretty smart and started to trace the letters vertically, having the words intersect at the "A", but once again realized that it wouldn't fit. New solution...smaller text...heh.
{shown: screen of "Manchild" and part of "skateboard"

My impatience is most certainly my down fall. I had planned and planned to do a test print prior to printing on the actual shirt I tossed that plan right out the window. Curses!
My impatience led me to discover that I bought the wrong black ink. I picked up a fabric dye rather than a printing ink. It bleed, oh how it bleed through that knit cotton fabric (at least I printed with something in between the front and the back side of the shirt). The other colors I picked up will work just fine, but now I'm left with a little (big) mistake.

For the moment its hanging up, I'll take a look at it later and see if it could possibly be salvaged. I managed to get to the local art supply store and pick up the proper black ink.

First thing I did upon returning was make a test print on a ratty old t-shirt of mine. From the looks of it I just need to take my time and apply a nice even coat. Well, heres to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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