Sunday, January 4, 2009

First post of the year

Well I'm going to kick off the new year with a post about things I made last year that I haven't posted. A while back I picked up five simplicity patterns at Jo-Ann's for a dollar each (woohoo savings!). Last week I actually decided to use one of them in order to use up some stretchy thermal fabric that I recently acquired. After much deliberation I decided to use simplicity 3790 (View A).

So I took my measurements, compared it to the sizes, cut everything out and did all that good stuff. The one change I made while doing this was to forgo putting in the inset piece in order to achieve more versatile looks with the shirt.

All in all its a really simple pattern, no confusion whatsoever, but lord almighty this thing was HUGE. I mean, it fits in the sense that its not falling off of me, but its bigger than I would like ideally.

Now before I show you the shirt I'm going to flaunt my fabric choice which the BF has deemed classically unsophisticated (he meant in in a good way). The moment I saw this fabric the inner child in me was awakened and demanded that I buy a whole bunch of this fabric. And I did. Pictures do not do the colors justice. The yellow own is more lemon-lime neon in person.

Now for the shirt, please forgive my "modeling"

So its big, but its not bad. Once I make a sash type of belt to go with it I can see myself wearing it a whole bunch.

I wanted to give this pattern another go taking into account what I now know about the sizing of the actual pattern. I made View B (3 sizes smaller) from the pattern using this awesome moose/outdoorsy type of print- again, I left out the inset.

Next time I take pictures of something I've made, I'll make sure to straighten everything out a bit more. The bottom band appears to be traveling upwards in these pictures due to stretching and running around.

Well that is all for now, hopefully I'll be posting finished x-mas projects soon so stay tuned.

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