Sunday, December 28, 2008

X-mas gifts given

Last post I said I would show off what I've made for others this Christmas... after posting it dawned upon me that I have not yet finished what I'm giving my family for Christmas yet. Its okay though, I have until the 9th when I see them to craft my little heart out. My work hours have also drastically been reduced which really frees up some time (I'm trying to be positive about this). Anyways here is a look at some pajama pants I made.

Wonderful, warm, snuggle-y, super easy to make pajama pants. That's what the boyfriend got. I used the same pattern as the first pair I made a while back, but added pockets as per his request. The first pair is made out of cotton flannel with a dartboard print and gray fleece stripes, which were added once I realized the cotton flannel fabric I had was not wide enough to fit the pattern on. Not too bad all in all, but I must say, the next pair my personal favorite.

This pair was made out of artic fleece fabric and has the the most AWESOME hand shaped pockets. Now The hand shapped pocket may be of no valuable use to the boyfriend, but for me they are the perfect place to put my hands whenever they're cold or just looking for attention.

Thanks for looking

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