Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Remembrance

No crafting updates today, instead I would like to take some time to pay tribute to a very near and dear animal companion, Ron T. Hamster, who passed yesterday.

Now most people might say "its just a hamster", but Ron was more than that, he was a mascot for the apartment, an escape artist, and a friend. He was with us for two years, and I like to think that he had a good time with us. He loved to go and ball around the apartment, following us around and knocking into our ankles, just to let his presence be known.


He was a friendly hamster who loved attention, and would scratch and gnaw at his cage whenever we had company over so he could come out and say "hello".

He was never a biter, sometimes a nibbler, he just loved coming out and spending time with us.

So here's to you Ron, we will miss hearing your late night runs in the wheel as we get ready for bed, the sight of your cheeks all puffed out after diving into a fresh bowl of food, your love of healthy bites.

We hope wherever you are now, that you are feeling better, and that there is an unlimited supply of food without corn kernels (we know how much you hate them).

We love you and we miss you little buddy.
You'll always be our "Ham-Star".

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