Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One week in

I promised in my last post that I would try to post my Self Stitched September outfits every couple of days, so here it goes! All outfits include self stitched underwear, you'll have to trust me on that
Day one has already been posted so I'll skip on over to day two.

Day two: Literally a pain in the neck. I don't know exactly what I did that morning that caused my neck to make a horrible grind/pop noise that it did, but boy it sure did hurt a bunch. I decided that I would go for comfort over style that day. The skirt was refashioned from a long and large skirt at the salvation army. I made a new elastic casing, shortened it about 5 inches, and turned it into an a-line skirt rather than a rectangle. I'll get a standing up picture of it at some point.
Day three: A busy day working from home. Later in the evening the boyfriend and I strolled into downtown and checked out a meditation labyrinth that would have been more peaceful if that family hadn't shown up and provide commentary on our wanderings. We then grabbed a quick dinner and dessert at the diner and headed back out for a friend's monthly goth/80's dance night at a local club. Not my normal scene but I had a really good time, the people were friendly and the tunes were enjoyable. I made the circle skirt a few years back, but until this summer I had never worn it, now it's one of my favorite pieces of clothing ever.

took this picture the morning after, excuse the hair

Day four: Never got a proper picture of the outfit, but you aren't missing much. Just a quick t-shirt refashion. Worn while going to garage sales and a really awesome thrift store that featured mostly knick knacks.

Day five: Went to visit the boyfriend's parents and attend a family BBQ. Up until this day I had never work the shirt out in public. I believe it's simplicity 4076, one of pattern review's most reviewed patterns. I really do like the top, but I still feel like it is too short and that is why I don't wear it.

Day six: I totally dig this outfit. I refashioned the green leopard tank from an XL salvation army shirt topped it with my second version of simplicity 2560 (made in late July, never blogged). I loved the color combination, however due to strenuous physical activity (stuffing the futon cushion full of foam) I only wore the tank top for a majority of the day.  

Day seven: Lazy day around the house, ended up doing that thing to my neck yet again. The tank top is made from the same fabric as my circle skirt. I don't know when it was made exactly, I had forgotten about it up until a few weeks ago when I found it while rummaging through my scrap bin. I promise I will get a picture wearing it at some point. Also being worn are my refashioned shorts from day one.
 Day eight (today!): Broke out the moose shirt. This is one of those shirts that gets neglected for whatever reason. not much to say about it. Wore it out to the farmers market, then to ihop for some new york strawberry cheesecake pancakes, followed by a not so fruitful trip to the Salvation Army, and  wrapped up with a grocery store run.

 I've really enjoyed checking out the outfits people have been posting on the SSS Flickr group, and I'm slowly trying to check out everyone on the participants list. It's been a great month so far, let's see how the rest of the month pans out.

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