Thursday, September 16, 2010

S.S.S. Week Two

Really, I had every intention of posting this yesterday, but time kind of got away from me. With that being said here is a super quick recap of my S.S.S. wardrobe for week 2 of Self-Stitched September.

Well almost, never got a picture for September 9th-it was a repeat-the teal knit cardigan that I wore on day 6 of SSS. It was a cruddy kind of day, didn't feel like posing for the camera on such a dreary and overcast day.

September 10th
Day 10 : Wore my one and only pair of self-stitched pants, made earlier this year. They've actually grown on me, though I'd still never wear them outside of the house. I still want to try my hand at making pants again, and after reading Real Pants for Real People I think I have an idea as to my plan of attack. It's just a matter of finding fabric and time for the next pair.

September 11th
Day 11 :Wore one of my first t-shirt recons ever while attending the mother of all town wide tag sales.
September 12th
Day 12 Crazy circle skirt, made shortly after the striped circle skirt. This was the first time I ever actually wore it, not only did I wear it, but I actually wore it outside of the house in front of people. Huge steps being taken here people!

September 13th
Day 13: Ah the owl shirt, I have worn it a handful of times and those bright little owls always make me smile.
September 14th
Day 14: I believe I've already mentioned how much I love this striped skirt. Topped it of with my vegetarian t-shirt, all in all a fun outfit. Wore it to a super casual business meeting.

September 15th
Day 15: The leopard tank, another repeat, but I really do like it and I feel good when I'm wearing it, even got a compliment on it while waiting to give blood. 

Feeling pretty good about the month so far, however it is starting to get quite chilly here and I am beginning to realize how ill prepared I am when it comes to a self-stitched cold weather wardrobe. I guess I'll have to go do something about that,


like right now.

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