Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chicken curtains

I've been putting off finishing up the kitchen curtains for months, but today I managed to do it (with plenty of encouragement from the bf). It was just a matter of finishing the top part of the curtains and hanging them up. However before I show off the finished results, I would like to point out some of the details. I am very pleased with how the backing of the curtains came out. The backing was a gauzy fabric that I had a lot of difficulty working with in a previous project.

The idea of an elastic curtain rod was inspired by the fact that I did not want to go out and spend money on a curtain rod that would require putting even more holes into the wall of the apartment before we leave in a few months. All the "rod" consists of is some old stiff elastic that was given to me by my bf's mom that was wrapped in the same fabric that was used to line the back of the curtains sewn together and tacked up to the windows

Okay, so I've gone on long enough, here it is all finished (and looking quite snazzy in my own opinion)
It hides the cracks in the glass and blocks the view of the ambulance dispatch parking lot and its nice and cheery, who could ask for more?

well thats enough time reflecting on my accomplishment, whats next?

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