Saturday, October 25, 2008

First timer

Now that I'm not stressing out over a lack of employment I decided it was time to do something new. The first challenge that came to mind was using a pattern. I had never really had any experience using a real pattern so I figured I would try something simple - pajama pants. I had the BF pick out some fabric (he picked out the gray fleece despite my best efforts to sway him towards the veggie tales print). I used simplicity 9871, read the directions a few times. Despite a few minor errors (not knowing what a particular marking meant, and deciding not to practice using my button hole setting before using it for the first time) I think they turned out pretty well.

{Modeled by Floor}

{Modeled by Boyfriend}

{Side View}

I think I may have possible found a use for some of my excess fabric stash...hmmm

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