Tuesday, November 11, 2008


With my birthday fast approaching (and a chance stumbling across Abraham Maslow's idea of self actualization) I've been doing a great deal of introspection on my life. With my introspection came a number of things that I want to try, that I feel will help promote my own personal growth, and/or might just be fun. I was able to narrow my list down to a few things that I feel comfortable enough sharing with people I don't really know. So here it is, my short bullet format of things to try/accomplish eventually:

Things to Accomplish
  • Join a roller derby team- I figured I'd post my most "outrageous" personal goal first. What can I say? I've never personally seen a roller derby match, but I feel that it would be a cathartic experience for myself.
  • Write my own ZOMBIE movie/novel- I've had one in the works for a while now, my personal goal at the moment for this project is to be finished with writing and editing by December 2009.
  • Continue to reduce, recycle, reuse my wardrobe- I'm definitely going to sign up for wardrobe refashion again...maybe go for four months this time around. I would like to take this opportunity to say that the shirts I got for work were purchased from Goodwill (yay!).
  • Make my own tofu- enough said
  • Try to be more active in my community- I've noticed in the area where I've recently moved that there seems to be a lot more social outreach and activism(probably due to all the colleges in the area). It seems like a no-brainer, volunteer my time to make my new home a better place over all, make some new friends.
That is all for now, I hope to add updates eventually as to the progress of some of my own personal goals. As always I will be updating with more crafty good-ness as well...just not now.



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i came across your blog via the tightknit blog. you should know both albany & troy have kickass women's roller derby teams. You should check them out!


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PS- my blog is knittydigital.blogspot.com