Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm going to try and keep this post to a strictly craft post because I know I can go on and on for days on the subject of the upcoming election.

With that being said I decided to make a t-shirt for the Obama rally I attended yesterday. I wanted something simple that showed my support but wouldn't offend others- especially after McCain's remark in the third debate that Obama supporters were wearing negative t-shirts at Obama rallies.
My quest began at the dollar store nearby which has a clothing rack full of factory reject t-shirts. I managed to find a shirt on the rack that did not have a mystery stain on it, just a faint dotted line going across the chest which I attemptedto cover up -unsuccessfully- with some white paint. I used a stencil I found online (type "Obama Stencil" into Google's image search and you'll find it) for the front part of the shirt, and the back image I just quickly made in photoshop. I used the mod podge screen method again, and the end result was great.


{Back: Printed the black outlines, then hand painted the interior parts of the letters}

I got a whole bunch of compliments on the t-shirt, as well as a lot of questions about the dotted line across the chest (Is it symbolic?) I'm still waiting on getting some action shots of the rally from my friend so until then take care.

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